Fall Winter 2019

Sustainable Brand

Recycled Wool and Cotton

We use recycled wool and cotton to make our collections. The recycling process consists in recovering the old fabric remnants from the factories and worshops. These remains are then classified by colours and coverted into a new already coloured fiber. The result is a more sustainable and more respectful fabric in all the process, a garment with a particular touch and colors with aged nuances, creating a contemporary and timeless collection.


Organic Cotton

Our commitment is to use. apart from recycled materials, also 100% organic cotton, grown on certified lands free of toxic substances and all types of pesticides and insecticides. Our goal is to be a 100% sustainable brand with all the materials we use to make our collections.


Organic Cotton Indigo

This is a unique collection made of 100% organic cotton indigo. The indigo concept in our collection offers an innovative, inspiring product created to offer an exclusive collection based on the creation of indigo-dyed threads with extraordinary finishing techniques, reflecting a range of appealing, uneven blues depending on the final finish. Its intensity fades through use and washing, although it always retains its original blue tone, something that is impossible with any other dye.


Recycled Concept

A vast amount of pieces and waste materials were left over in the small old sewing workshops of the past. The ingeniousness and need that prevailed during those years of scarcity were the perfect combination to begin to reuse all that cotton that was unused.

About us

Sweater House was a brand founded in Olot (La Garrotxa) in 1989 as part of a family-owned company. With the desire to carry on the same philosophy that originally catapulted the brand to success, we wanted to reinvent all the work performed by its creators. Sweater House is back to revive the essence of the unique and ancient textile tradition local to the inland regions of Catalonia.

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