About us

 Sweater House is a brand founded in Olot (La Garrotxa) in 1989 as part of a family-owned company. With the desire to carry on the same philosophy that originally catapulted the brand to success, we wanted to reinvent all the work performed by its creators. Sweater House is back to revive the essence of the unique and ancient textile tradition local to the inland regions of Catalonia. 

This tradition started with the need to overcome the lack of raw materials that prevailed during the first half of last century. Based on the remnants that came from different workshops, a new solid, durable material was created, a recycled thread that could be used to craft simple, useful and comfortable garments. Sweater House is reviving the noble ideas that are still revolutionary even today. It blends the old and the new, tradition and innovation. It is a reinterpretation of what is always authentic.


The simplicity and originality of our garments is directly related to respect for the old tradition of the textile industry in the small region of La Garrotxa, which reused waste material to create a new spinning technique.


We believe in the simplicity and sturdiness of our garments, which bow to neither trends nor fads but instead only to the passage of time, which solely respects that which is truly authentic.


 If we look at our landscape and the people who live there, if we are familiar with the history that has brought us here, if we think about the future generations, commitment to ourselves and our environment is not only unavoidable but also our responsibility and commitment. 

We recycle

A vast amount of pieces and waste materials were left over in the small old sewing workshops of the past. The ingeniousness and need that prevailed during those years of scarcity were the perfect combination to begin to reuse all that wool that was unused. The process consisted of choosing the remnants and classifying them by materials and colours. Then they were ground down until they became flock, similar to the original materials but coloured. A new spinning technique had been achieved with unique features that allowed sturdy, solid jumpers to be made. And even more importantly, waste material had been used to avoid an expensive, polluting dyeing process.

By reviving this process, Sweater House manages to offer a product with a unique feel and colours with an aged appearance, creating a contemporary yet timeless collection for people who want to find a balance between the modern and the traditional, the exciting and the real. 

Local production

Textil industry is not always contributing to today’s social responsability and sustainability challenge in a number of ways.

Sweaterhouse have a strong commitment and responsibility towards all the people who take part in the production our garments. Our goal is to produce near Barcelona in order to sustain local communities and provide new job opportunities while preserving the quality of the environment and improving the quality of our garments.

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