Autumn Winter  17

Autumn/Winter 2017 season is marked by a new volume. Tight fits give way to a new look taken from sports, casual fashion; oversize fits and sports details make up a new, fun image.

This new style lies halfway between retro sports and renewed tradition. It is an exciting blend of classic and sports that merges in a modern, urban look.

70’s style is back in unisex fashion with oversize fits and vintage style elements, creating a vibrant, new, daring image open to new form and colour concepts.

Just as we do from the very beginning, and in line with our philosophy, these garments are mostly manufactured from recycled materials from our area.

These materials enrich our designs giving them a distinct vintage look that adds to the exclusive image of our product. Our collection also features garment-dyed cotton with soft wash finishes and indigo colours, with their unique, subtle nuances.

Spring Summer 17

This collection is inspired by the colours of the earth, a history of colours, tradition and love for the dyer’s art. These colours from our environs are transformed into clothing with all kinds of nuances and colours that make this collection special.

Experience, tradition and genius: this would be the definition of the finishes and dyes that were used to treat the garments in this collection. The ancient wisdom of artisan dyers who used natural products, now manufactured industrially, using only products and colouring agents from nature, manages to make each garment original, different and exclusive, all with complete respect for the environment.

The Indigo concept in our collection offers an innovative, inspiring product created to offer an exclusive collection based on the creation of indigo-dyed threads with extraordinary finishing techniques, reflecting a range of appealing, uneven blues depending on the final finish. The manufacturing process is highly complicated and requires a very specialised, creative, innovative and sophisticated team.

Our recycled collection offers a wide range of recycled cotton colors, a product with a unique feel and colours with an aged appearance, creating a contemporary yet timeless collection for people who want to find a balance between the modern and the traditional, the exciting and the real.

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