Fall Winter 19

Spring Summer 19

Fall Winter 18

 Spring Summer 18

The collection is inspired by the beauty and culture of the Mediterranean spirit through vivid colors and fresh and comfortable silhouettes.

The colour palette is unique to experience a truly Mediterranean atmosphere through timeless volumes, using only 100% organic and recycled materials.

The collection is based on sustainable sourced, with an eco-friendly production, 100%  made in Barcelona.

Fall Winter 17

Autumn/Winter 2017 season is marked by a new volume. Tight fits give way to a new look taken from sports, casual fashion; oversize fits and sports details make up a new, fun image.

This new style lies halfway between retro sports and renewed tradition. It is an exciting blend of classic and sports that merges in a modern, urban look.

Spring Summer 17

This collection is inspired by the colours of the earth, a history of colours, tradition and love for the dyer’s art.

These colours from our environs are transformed into clothing with all kinds of nuances and colours that make this collection special.

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